I write and edit stories for a range of online and print publications focused primarily on politics and policy at all levels of government; business developments; and legal and general news.

Image1Final products include:

  • deadline news stories;
  • enterprise news features and special reports;
  • human interest features;
  • profiles of politicians, businessmen, lobbyists and more;
  • book chapters;
  • in-depth reports for academic, business and political audiences.

Every news organization or publishing company works to reach particular audiences — from general readership to political experts and students, to corporate executives and lawyers. I delve deeply into the fine details of an issue or event, and translate technical or complex policies into clear, concise prose.

Regardless of the news topic, my aim is to provide thoroughly researched and clear, insightful, and objective content for a general audience. I bring the same journalistic standards to feature and human interest stories. I also offer a full range of copyediting and rewriting services.