Everyone has a story to tell.

picsI’ve learned from decades in the news business that everyone — not just the rich and famous — has an interesting story to tell.

I help others write and preserve their personal, family or corporate histories. In this work, I’ve learned firsthand about the personal and psychological benefits people — at any age — enjoy when relating and analyzing their own stories.

In January 2016 I completed University of Wisconsin’s Reminiscence and Life Review certification program which provides expert training on working with and interviewing clients as well as compiling and writing personal histories. I also have done training in genealogical research, and as a journalist I know how to do in-depth archival research and interviewing necessary to unearth historical details and evidence necessary to build a complete and compelling story.

I am completing a history of my father’s family and ancestors — in part a traditional story of American western migration and survival. Stay tuned.

Until then, read My Own Experience with Personal History.

Or read a sample of a memoir I wrote for a client.

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If you are ready to get started or want more information, contact Christina at christina@bylyons.com or 301-802-8284.