State Department Official Lauds Progress In U.S.-Taiwan Trade, Investment Relations

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The U.S. State Department’s deputy assistant secretary for East Asian and Pacific Affairs on Oct. 3 sounded a positive tone about prospects for improved U.S.-Taiwan trade and investment relations, noting continued discussions among officials

Media Violence

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Do children have too much access to violent content?


Recent accounts of mass school shootings and other violence have intensified the debate about whether pervasive violence in movies, television and video games negatively influences young

WTO Dispute Resolutions Lay Path for Members’ Trade Rules, Behavior

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Many trade industries, ambassadors and observers believe the World Trade Organization will continue to grow as a key forum for resolving major trade disputes and thereby set guidelines for future behavior among its members—regardless of its ability to forge more wide-reaching, multilateral trade agreements.

‘‘As a global rules-setting

Consensus Rule Among Several Impediments to WTO Agreement on Doha

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The negotiation process needs to be eased at the World Trade Organization in order to find agreement on the remaining, most controversial issues of the Doha Development Agenda, most observers agree. However, achieving consensus will remain difficult regardless, they say.