Congress and the Nation

Chapter 6: Transportation, Commerce, and Communications

Transportation and communication issues were recurring themes in national debates during President Barack Obama’s first term, but legislative efforts had inconsistent results as the White House and Congress primarily

The Internet World Storms Washington

May 29, 2012

This Congress’s high-profile debate on legislation aimed at combating online piracy unleashed a flood of lobbying spending and maneuvering that brought to light the powerful forces of the Internet world.

Google, Yahoo, and many other Internet-related businesses

Nonprofit Groups and Partisan Politics

CQ Researcher

Is tighter regulation needed?

Critics contend nonprofits, which pay no income taxes, inappropriately or illegally influence voters in local, state and federal contests on behalf of wealthy corporate, labor union and individual donors. Many of the nonprofits

Guide to Congress

Chapter 32: Campaign Financing

Campaign financing The principle “one citizen, one vote” is a core tenet of U.S. democracy, but political observers and activists continually debate how to ensure that wealth does not increase the political influence of some individuals or organizations