Reforming Juvenile Justice

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Should teens who murder be treated as adults?

Sept. 11, 2015 — Youth advocates are seizing on bipartisan interest in criminal justice reform and historically low crime rates to lobby states to lighten sentencing standards for juveniles. They also advocate more

Presidential Power

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Has President Obama overstepped his authority?

President Obama’s recent moves to shape U.S. policy, ranging from taking executive action on immigration to beginning to restore diplomatic ties with Cuba, have stirred new controversy over the limits of presidential

Climate Change

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Will the administration’s new initiatives be effective?

Increasingly dire scientific warnings about climate change are propelling international and U.S. panels to recommend heightened, immediate action to reduce manmade causes of greenhouse

Future WTO Accords Remain Uncertain In Wake of U.S.-India Standoff on TFA

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The World Trade Organization grabbed headlines in late 2014 by approving the first multilateral deal in its nearly 20-year history, but many observers disagree about whether that milestone portends more extensive deals to ease cross-border trade internationally or increased