Immigration: Will Congress Act in 2017?

The debate over U.S. immigration — both documented and undocumented — is heating up because of the presidential campaign and continued partisan deadlock in Congress on the issue. Both major party candidates and many congressional leaders promise a fresh start on immigration legislation in 2017, particularly in the wake of the Supreme Court’s June ruling that blocked

Restorative Justice


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Can it help victims and rehabilitate criminals?

As calls for criminal justice reform grow louder, some social workers, religious leaders and legal experts want to expand the use of an alternative, non-punitive system of justice for cases ranging from student conflicts to assaults involving adults. They say that “restorative

Reforming Juvenile Justice

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Should teens who murder be treated as adults?

Sept. 11, 2015 — Youth advocates are seizing on bipartisan interest in criminal justice reform and historically low crime rates to lobby states to lighten sentencing standards for juveniles. They also advocate more

Presidential Power

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Has President Obama overstepped his authority?

President Obama’s recent moves to shape U.S. policy, ranging from taking executive action on immigration to beginning to restore diplomatic ties with Cuba, have stirred new controversy over the limits of presidential