Native American Rights

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Should tribes have more sovereignty over their lands?

Mari Hulbutta traces her ancestry to the “Trail of Tears” in the 1800s

, when her great-great-grandparents, members of the Muscogee Creek Nation, trudged from present-day Alabama to a territory west of the Mississippi River.


Affordable Housing Shortage

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Can new policies increase supply?

Martha Simmons had hoped to buy the 1,375-square-foot house she has rented for 13 years in San Francisco’s Bayview district. But that dream now appears impossible.

Three years ago, Simmons offered her landlord $600,000 for the

Worker Safety

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Should the government do more to punish violators?

Collin Vander Galien was taking a break from throwing 55-pound bags of corn into a rail car at a milling plant in Cambria, Wis., when he suddenly heard a blast. The next thing he knew, he was on his knees with his legs pinned under the

Military Readiness

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Is the Pentagon Prepared for Future Threats?

This year has not been kind to the U.S. Navy. In January, a guided missile cruiser ran aground in Tokyo Bay. In May, another cruiser collided with a South Korean fishing vessel off the Korean Peninsula, injuring several sailors.