Fly Girl


Frederick Gorilla

A true fish tale of how a 45-year-old mother of two got hooked on the angler’s sport thanks to the Potomac Valley Fly Fishers

I have limited hopes of finding someone willing to teach a woman in what many view as traditionally a man’s sport that casts back hundreds of years into the past. (Many writers and anglers date the first reference back to the end of the second century by Roman Claudius Aelianus, and describe later practices in England, Australia and North America.)

So I cautiously approach the Potomac Valley Fly Fishers Club (PVFF), a local organization founded in 1967 that introduces local fishers — a term meant to include both men and women — or aspiring fishers to the sport along the waterways of Frederick County and western Maryland, and even remote sites around the country.

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Written by Christina L. Lyons, copyright 2013 Gorilla Magazine