multi-color family tree

Genealogy: Follow the Facts

Sitting with my client, I pushed across the table a piece of paper that had carefully listed and numbered a line of ancestors whose names predominantly began with “James.” I had no idea who in my client’s family had produced or found this genealogical chart, but I knew it was wrong. I had narrowed down

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Summer Stories …

For many people, hot summer days often mean traveling with — and to — family. With the kids out of school, summer provides an opportunity for extended visits to grandparents, cousins, or other relatives, and even a chance to send the kids by themselves for an extended stay with family. I remember many summer days

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Let’s Contemplate the Whys

I don’t want to write about death. I especially don’t want to write about the violent shooting deaths of two teens. I’d rather not meditate on the grief of those teens’ parents, or step into the thoughts and questions I can only guess are spinning through their minds. The what-ifs and whys. Particularly the whys.

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