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Genealogy: Follow the Facts

Sitting with my client, I pushed across the table a piece of paper that had carefully listed and numbered a line of ancestors whose names predominantly began with “James.” I had no idea who in my client’s family had produced or found this genealogical chart, but I knew it was wrong. I had narrowed down

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Reporting in the Age of ‘Alternative Facts’

As I poured through a series of editors’ questions on a 12,000-word article recently, methodically answering each one in order, I stopped suddenly at one question: “Just checking, but Wikipedia says $56 million???” Really? I’m actually getting a reference to Wikipedia from an editor? I skipped on to the next question, hoping to calm my

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Memoir Writing and Truth

As a longtime journalist bridging into the world of memoir writing, one worry constantly pulls me back: the need for accuracy and truth. That’s the core of balanced news reporting and writing, right? As journalists we take meticulous notes, tape-record interviews whenever we can, check and recheck facts in documents, reports and — now —

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