Loneliness and Social Isolation

CQ Researcher

Do they pose a growing health epidemic?

Paula Dutton experienced a series of life changes that reduced the number of close friends and relatives she could turn to: a cross-country move from her hometown of Philadelphia to Los Angeles, a divorce, the death of both parents. Then she retired.

Suddenly she was alone. Anxiety and depression set in.

“I worked myself into a fever pitch in my loneliness,” Dutton said. After a panic attack that resulted

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Human Rights Organizer

Sally Salem: Training for Youth Citizenship and Participation in Egypt

At 22, Sally Salem seemed to be heading down the path expected for many women in Cairo, Egypt. It was 1999 and she had just graduated with a degree in English literature and, through family connections, had landed a secure job in a local company. But

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multi-color family tree

Genealogy: Follow the Facts

Sitting with my client, I pushed across the table a piece of paper that had carefully listed and numbered a line of ancestors whose names predominantly began with “James.” I had no idea who in my client’s family had produced or found this genealogical chart, but I knew it was wrong. I had narrowed down the mistake the researcher had made in the family lineage to the year

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